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Phase equilibria in mixtures containing alkanes and alcohols

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posted on 24.09.2012 by A.H.D. El Nikheli
Vapor-liquid equilibria (VLE) in alkanes and alcohols was measured and a contribution Patel-Teja (GPT) equation proposed in this work. systems of nmodified Group of state was Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria at temperatures between 298.7K and 333. 7K have been measured for the binary systems n-pentane + n-hexane. n-pentane + noctane. n-pentane + n-decane. and n-pentane + l-propanol. The data were found to be consistent according to a point-to-point consistency test and were correlated using the Wilson. NRTL. and UNIQUAC activity coefficient models. The parameters of the models were estimated using the maximum likelihood principle. A new version of the Group contribution Patel-Teja equation of state was proposed in which a new temperature dependent group interaction expression was introduced. Group interaction parameters for four constituent groups of the alcohols and n-alkanes (viz. CH 2• CH 3 • CH and OH) were determined. These parameters were then used for the prediction of VLE in mixtures of n-alkane + n-alkane. n-alkane + n-alcohol. and n-alcohol + n-alcohol. VLE predictions with the new GPT equation of state were found to be superior to predictions with the original group contributions with molecular equations. The modified equation can be used in systems of nalkanes and alcohols where data for molecular parameters are lacking. The proposed temperature dependence of the group interaction parameters improved predictions over a wide range of temperature and pressure.



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A Doctoral Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Doctor of Philosophy of Loughborough University.

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