Phase separation dynamics in a two-dimensional magnetic mixture

2013-05-17T13:38:21Z (GMT) by K. Lichtner Andrew Archer S.H.L. Klapp
Based on classical density functional theory (DFT), we investigate the demixing phase transition of a two-dimensional, binary Heisenberg fluid mixture. The particles in the mixture are modeled as Gaussian soft spheres, where one component is characterized by an additional classical spin-spin interaction of Heisenberg type. Within the DFT we treat the particle interactions using a mean-field approximation. For certain magnetic coupling strengths, we calculate phase diagrams in the density-concentration plane. For sufficiently large coupling strengths and densities, we find a demixing phase transition driven by the ferromagnetic interactions of the magnetic species. We also provide a microscopic description (i.e., density profiles) of the resulting non-magnetic/magnetic fluid-fluid interface. Finally, we investigate the phase separation using dynamical density functional theory, considering both nucleation processes and spinodal demixing.