Physical education teacher education students' knowledge, perceptions and experiences of promoting healthy, active lifestyles in secondary schools

2012-12-06T12:48:18Z (GMT) by Jo Harris
Physical education teacher education (PETE) offers a context for students to learn about the promotion of active lifestyles in secondary schools through their interactions and experiences during the teacher education process. However, previous studies have found low levels of healthrelated fitness knowledge amongst physical education teacher education (PETE) students which is a concern given that there are high expectations of PE to promote healthy, active lifestyles. In addition, international literature reveals a number of problematic issues associated with health-related teaching, learning and professional development in PE. Exploration of health-related experiences within the PETE process and consideration of the extent to which they address these previously identified issues was considered worthy of study because of PETE‟s potential to influence the health-related teaching of the students and to ultimately impact on the health-related knowledge and behaviour of the pupils they go on to teach.