Placing students at the centre of their own learning: bringing 'Project Management' alive by getting students to research and reflect on their own materials

2011-07-20T13:21:08Z (GMT) by Liz Willis
This case study has been developed as part of the LTSN Engineering Teaching Awards 2003-2004, from data gathered through a demonstration of the teaching and learning materials available, interviews with the tutor and a student focus group. ‘Project Management for Information Systems’ is an elective module for 3rd and 4th year students studying a variety of courses within the Information Systems and Computer Applications Department, University of Portsmouth, including Computer Science and Business Information Technology. A student centered learning method has been introduced for this module that motivates students by asking them to investigate a topic and, with guidance, discover a wealth of materials and information. The case study introduces the background, students' perspective, issues and benefits to this teaching method.