Pot throwing: how can an ancient experiential experience, be evaluated in terms of assessing experiential and tacit knowledge.

2013-12-16T14:07:21Z (GMT) by Georgina Palmer George E. Torrens
This article explores the assessment of experiential and tacit knowledge, within a craft process, through the capturing of a pot throwing performance by digital data capture, narrative and anthropometric analysis. It follows a structure of integrated methods as described by Plowright in ‘A Framework for Integrated Methods, FraIM’ The integrated methods can provide a more complete understanding of the performance. Task analysis, enabled skills needed when throwing, to be examined. The compilation taxonomy outlines the proposed separation of performance activities and their assessment. This understanding will aid the practitioner and student in the refinement or acquisition of skills needed for a throwing performance. Future work leading from this study could be applied to other craft areas inclusively involving crafter, material and tools, tacit knowledge and skills.