Potential of biodegradable microneedles as a transdermal delivery vehicle for lidocaine

2014-03-25T13:35:54Z (GMT) by Atul Nayak Diganta Das
There has been an increasing interest in applying biotechnology in formulating and characterising new and innovative drug delivery methods, e.g., drug-loaded biodegradable microneedles within the area of transdermal delivery technology. Recently, microneedles have been proposed for use in pain management, e.g., post-operative pain management through delivery of a local anaesthetic, namely, lidocaine. Lidocaine is a fairly common, marketed prescription-based, local anaesthetic pharmaceutical, applied for relieving localised pain and lidocaineloaded microneedles have been explored. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the properties of biodegradable polymers that may allow the preparation of microneedle systems, methods of preparing them and pharmacokinetic conditions in considering the potential use of lidocaine for delivery through the skin.