Power-efficient resource allocation in NOMA virtualized wireless networks

In this paper, we address a power-efficient resource allocation problem in virtualized wireless networks (VWNs) using non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA). In this set-up, the resources of one base station (BS) are shared among different service providers (slices), where the minimum reserved rate is considered for each slice for guaranteeing their isolation. The formulated resource allocation problem aiming to minimize the total transmit power subject to the isolation constraints is non-convex and suffers from high computational complexity. By applying complementary geometric programming (CGP) to convert the non-convex problem into the convex form, we develop an efficient iterative approach with low computational complexity to solve the proposed problem. Illustrative simulation results on the performance evaluation of VWN using OFDMA and NOMA indicate significant performance improvement in the VWN when NOMA is used.