Predicting the solar energy and space-heating energy performance for solid-wall detached house retrofitted with the composite edge-sealed triple vacuum glazing

2018-07-16T11:40:12Z (GMT) by Saim Memon Philip C. Eames
© 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Triple-Vacuum-Glazing is regarded as evolutionary step in minimising the space-heating loss. This paper takes a comparative analysis approach to envisage space-heating supply required for achieving thermal-comfort temperatures and attainable solar energy gains to households with retrofit of composite edge-sealed triple-vacuum-glazing. Predictions of varying window-to-wall ratios on space-heating energy and solar energy gains for winter months are analysed. The notable winter and annual space-heating energy savings of 14.58% and 15.31%, respectively, were obtained with solid-wall detached-house retrofitted with triple-vacuum-glazed windows compared to single-glazed-windows. The heat-loss calculations show a prominent reduction from 12.92% to 2.69% when replacing single-glazed windows to triple-vacuum-glazed windows.