Prediction of impulsive vehicle tyre-suspension response to abusive drive-over-kerb manoeuvres

This article presents a minimal parameter vehicle simulation model to predict the vertical suspension loads expected during abusive driving manoeuvres, such as a kerb strike event. Impulsive suspension loads are applied to tyre and suspension elements under such conditions. In particular, the aim is to specifically study the reactions of jounce bumper– rebound stop and tyre characteristics. For this purpose, a vehicle in-plane pitch dynamics model with 7 degrees of freedom suffices. Non-linear and hysteretic characteristics of the bump-stop elements are included through a new parametric map concept, based on displacement and velocity-dependent hysteresis. Furthermore, a static tyre model is described, tailored to predict the radial stiffness against penetration of an edge with a flat-type rigid body geometry. The tyre model is derived on the basis of classical membrane theory and represented in terms of only a few input parameters. Model validation is supported through experiments at both component and system levels.