Proactive admission control and dynamic resource management in SDN-based virtualized networks

Network virtualization is a promising approach in which common physical resources are shared between service providers. Due to the substrate network limitations such as maximum available memory of each node of the substrate network as well as different service priorities and requirements, resource management in this setup is essential. On the other hand, SDN is bringing a considerable flexibility in resource management by introducing a centralized controller which can monitor all the substrate network states. In this paper, we propose a proactive admission control and dynamic resource management in SDNbased virtualized network in which the number of accepted highpriority virtual network (VN) requests is maximized, subject to both substrate limitations and memory requirement of each VN request. In the proposed formulation, based on the prediction of the substrate network utilization, we reserve resources for upcoming high-priority VN requests. Via simulation, we show that the algorithm can increase the acceptance ratio of the highpriority VN requests up to 0 where the substrate network is congested, i.e., arrival rates of both high-priority and low-priority VN requests are high.