Promoting corporate social responsibility in the football industry

2015-11-13T10:11:00Z (GMT) by Elisavet Manoli
Corporate Social Responsibility in the football industry is an important part of each club's agenda, while being more than a business trend. The way its activities are communicated, however, has not attracted, thus far, enough academic interest. This study aims at filling this literature gap by providing not only a presentation of the ways and methods in which CSR is promoted, but also a critical examination of their efficiency. This examination can only take place after the academic literature available on CSR promotion is scrutinized and the sample of the research is clarified. The FA Premier League clubs, the sample of this study, have then been carefully inspected with the help of insiders' interviews, providing details of their current practice in CSR promotion methods, as well as a critical review of their effectiveness. Finally, the question of abundance of CSR promotion in football is being answered taking into consideration both the insiders' and the public opinion.