Promoting urban rainwater harvesting in Dhaka, Bangladesh

2018-02-12T15:10:34Z (GMT) by Sanjoy Mukherjee K.R. Hyde
With rapid population growth and Unplanned urbanisation water has turn into a scare resource in Dhaka city. This city will visage a severe water crisis to meet its increasing demand in near future. Present water supply depend on 87% groundwater extraction with groundwater table depletion at a rate of 2.81meter/year. No management initiatives revealed to protect groundwater recharging. WaterAid follows an approach to reach academics, researchers, urban planners, civil engineers, architects and policy makers for promoting rainwater harvesting through collective action. As immediate result, 4 universities adopted contents of rain water harvesting in course curricula, initiated 4 piloting researches by different institutions, urban planners and architects are engaged in construction designing to adopt rainwater harvesting, and changes adopted in the national building codes.. This paper denotes WaterAid initiatives and sign of impact to promote urban rainwater harvesting in Dhaka city.