Public libraries, museums and physical convergence: Context, issues, opportunities: A literature review Part 1

2018-06-11T10:55:42Z (GMT) by Emily Warren Graham Matthews
There has recently been a growth in physical convergence in cultural heritage domains. Part 1 examines this ‘trend’, its drivers and related issues, with particular focus on public libraries and museums. It offers an overview of practice, challenges and opportunities. Through thematic analysis of a comprehensive, literature review of both domains that looked at the wider aspects of collaboration, cooperation, partnerships and integration in the sector as well as physical convergence, it provides insight into background, theory and activities worldwide. It presents discussion on the meaning of convergence, the concept of ‘memory institutions’, the relationship between public libraries and museums in the context of convergence, shared mission and values, convergence and re-convergence, and professionalism and divergence. It concludes with consideration of practical aspects such as motivations for convergence, including digital technology, changing user expectations and culture, and economic and political challenges that impact on physical convergence in a dynamic local government environment.