Public libraries, museums and physical convergence. Context, issues, opportunities: a literature review. Part 2

2018-06-01T13:59:39Z (GMT) by Emily Warren Graham Matthews
There has recently been a growth in physical convergence in cultural heritage domains. The second of a two-part article that considers this trend with particular regard to public libraries and museums provides an overview of factors to be considered by those planning or developing physically converged services. This has been achieved through thematic analysis of a review of international literature from both domains. It begins with consideration of obstacles to convergence, ethical challenges, organisational and strategic complexity, organisational culture and resistance. It moves on to discuss factors, general and physical, that can lead to success in convergence: vision, strategy and planning, communication and trust, for example, and, how these can be led and managed. It also considers the role of professional education and training, the benefits of convergence, for example, improved cultural offer and visibility, financial savings, with viewpoints from around the world. Part 2 ends with a critical note on the ‘convergence narrative’, and a conclusion that focuses on physical convergence which draws on both Parts.