Public private partnerships in emergencies: case of Dollow Water Management Company, Gedo region, Somalia

2018-11-16T11:49:36Z (GMT) by Rispa Were Thomas Odongo
This paper presents the success of the Public Private Partnership Model in the management of water supplies in Dollow town, Gedo region of Somalia. Somalia as a region continues to undergo a serious and complex emergency since the fall of a central government in 1991 as a result of civil war. PPP approach in provision of water has succeeded in providing a stable and sustainable water supply system for the town. The entry of the private sector in the management of water supply has resulted in expansion of the water system, timely and efficient operation and maintenance and reduced donor dependency. There are key lessons that have been learnt, include: need for regulatory framework, close supervision from the state and local authorities, continuous mentoring, and funding that does not reverse the gains made by the companies of financial independence.