Quality-aware adaptive delivery of multi-view video

Advances in video coding and networking technologies have paved the way for the Multi-View Video (MVV) streaming. However, large amounts of data and dynamic network conditions result in frequent network congestion, which may prevent video packets from being delivered on time. As a consequence, the 3D viewing experience may be degraded signifi- cantly, unless quality-aware adaptation methods are deployed. There is no research work to discuss the MVV adaptation of decision strategy or provide a detailed analysis of a dynamic network environment. This work addresses the mentioned issues for MVV streaming over HTTP for emerging multi-view displays. In this research work, the effect of various adaptations of decision strategies are evaluated and, as a result, a new quality-aware adaptation method is designed. The proposed method is benefiting from layer based video coding in such a way that high Quality of Experience (QoE) is maintained in a cost-effective manner. The conducted experimental results on MVV streaming using the proposed strategy are showing that the perceptual 3D video quality, under adverse network conditions, is enhanced significantly as a result of the proposed quality-aware adaptation.