RFID light weight server-less search protocol based on NLFSRs

© 2016 IEEE.Spectacular expansion of RFID systems and applications by several industries such as business, electronics, health, marketing, transportation, etc. has made RFID ever more popular. Within this context, the industry search for lower tag weight and low cost system together with solemn security to satisfy the consumer. Tag search is among the most requested protocols in such systems. Being light weight is regarded as another important specification for the said protocols, so that they can be utilized in low expense tags. In this paper, a server-less search protocol is proposed in low expense tags with the aid of NLFSRs and simple logical operations to conflict with security attacks. This protocol requires only a two steps information exchanges between tag and reader, and although it has simple structure, but is completely safe against most of the known security attacks. In comparison with other protocols, this protocol also requires a small number of gates for implementations. There are no need to exclude the collisions in tags as its other privileges.