Radiation and scattering of surface waves by a group of submerged, horizontal cylinders

2013-02-26T14:28:44Z (GMT) by M. O'Leary
One of tile major methods available for investigating the interaction of water waves with arbitrarily shaped structures is based on the classical theory of Green's functions. For multiple bodies, however, this technique can become expensive in terms of both computer storage and execution time and it is desirable for special geometries where possible, to seek simpler methods. In this paper, the radiation and scattering of surface waves by a group of parallel, horizontal, circular cylinders, submerged in deep water is studied using a method involving multipole potentials. The method is developed for any number of submerged, parallel, horizontal cylinders with arbitrary positions and radii. In particular, hydrodynamic coefficients are determined for various configurations of two and three cylinders and a comparison is made with results obtained for a cylinder in isolation.