Reading and information needs of elderly Punjabis

2013-06-10T14:10:12Z (GMT) by Satwant K. Rait
A survey investigating the reading and information needs of elderly Punjabis was conducted in Bradford and Derbyshire. A questionnaire was prepared which was used as a structured interview. 120 interviews were recorded, 60 from each authority. This number included Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs and the generic term 'Punjabi' was used for these three distinct religious groups. Women were also included in this survey to see if they have any different requirements from men. Reading and information material included print and nonprint material. This research presents the actual needs of elderly Punjabis as they perceive them. A special collection could easily be prepared on the basis of the material quoted by them in their interviews which would be helpful for any library authority with few adaptations according to their local needs. Social, economic and cultural factors influencing their reading behaviour and pattern are also discussed.