Realizing sustainability through stakeholder management

2017-08-25T12:09:07Z (GMT) by Andrew Price Ali M.H. Al-Yami
A main driver in the creation of sustainable value is the need to satisfy stakeholders in the process of the delivery of the functional unit through the project or service. Clients may well be satisfied when the project is delivered but if users, occupants and suppliers are poorly consulted new ideas and improvements will not be produced and the project may fail to meet local needs. Each construction project has its own stakeholders who have often different and conflicting interests associated with the project objectives. Moreover, insufficient stakeholder consultation and management frequently leads to conflicts and controversies about the implementation of construction projects and the achievement of best value in that projects. Thus, the management of vested interests of stakeholders is very paramount for the successful of the project. This paper provides a methodology for stakeholder analysis during strategic briefing to help implement sustainable construction. It integrates value management and sustainability in one study and utilises tools and techniques of value management to realise the principles of sustainability in a projects.