Reliability modelling of automated guided vehicles using Petri nets

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are being extensively used due to their attributions of high efficiency and low costs. To assure their added value, taking a typical AGV transport system as an example, the reliability issues in AGVs are investigated in this paper. First of all, the AGV transport system was mod-elled as a phased mission that comprises a few key phases. Then, the Petri net (PN) method is applied to describe the logic of the whole phase mission and based on this, the reliability of the mission is assessed via Monte-Carlo simulation. In order to validate the reliability assessment result by the PN method, the theoretical reliability of the AGV system is also assessed through performing fault tree analysis (FTA). The comparison indicates that both methods give very similar results. Thus, it can be concluded that apart from FTA, the PNs method is also a reliable tool for AGV system reliability assessment.