Reporting the 2005 U.K. General Election

This report presents the findings of an extensive audit of media coverage of the 2005 UK General Election conducted by the Communication Research Centre, Loughborough University on behalf of the Electoral Commission. The report is organised into the following chapters: Chapter 1: Mapping Media Coverage of the 2005 UK General Election: the results of the quantitative analysis of media content (pages 7-43) (David Deacon, Dominic Wring & Peter Golding). Chapter 2: Politics as an Appearance and Reality Show: the results of the analysis of qualitative aspects of coverage (pages 44-59) (Michael Billig). Chapter 3: The Internet and the UK General Election (pages 60 - 71) (John Downey and Scott Davidson). Chapter 4: Women’s Magazines during the election (pages 72 - 75) (Dominic Wring and David Deacon).