Research with and for Older People at Loughborough University

Our Dementia research is part of Loughborough University Health and Wellbeing (HWB) Global Challenge This strategic approach supports multi-disciplinary research in bringing complex real world solutions to promote health and wellbeing across the life course. Other research priorities within HWB include Planetary Health and Anti-Microbial Resistance. Research with and for older people in Loughborough University is carried out by a number of multi-disciplinary research units/groups with different specialist interests for example:  - Dementia research for design, diagnostics and interventions - Centre for Research in Social Policy (  - Healthcare Ergonomics & Patient Safety ( - Life Long determinants of health and wellbeing ( We describe our research in these five overlapping and closely-related topic areas: (1) New Dynamics of Ageing; (2) Dementia: Diagnosis, Design and Interventions; (3) Getting out and about (Transport ); (4) Working Later; (5) Health, Wellbeing and Safety for Older People