Resilient co-creation of value with the consumer. Service design derived forms of value as strategies for subversion

2017-01-27T14:23:50Z (GMT) by Ida Telalbasic
This paper represents the process of an on-going participatory action research project within a city affected by the socio-economic crisis. The focus of the research is to explore the possibilities of transforming idle capacity of skilled professionals into job opportunities through service design and defining strategies for designing a new value creation system between members in a community. The existing complementary currency models serve as an inspiration and foundation for conducting the research in collaborative and creative spaces, using a bottom-up approach in designing this service with the potential users in order to create value for that community. This could be achieved by giving shape to a service with its evidences as a framework to adapt to current conditions in peer-to-peer interactions. If a successful long-term and not only crisis-driven model could be designed, prototyped and globally replicated, based on debt-credit system and knowledge economy with enormous benefits of access to products and services, then it could enhance economic efficiency and distribute social capital while promoting new forms of entrepreneurship.