Restoration of a watershed, a case study at HuluGanga

The NWS&DB is the major organization supplying potable water. The major problem faced by theNWS&DB in reaching its long term goals was the deterioration of existing water sources and the difficulty in finding new water sources. Thus the restoration of the micro watershed at one of its intakes located at Huluganga was carried out; with the aim of establishing a demonstration model which will provide the basis for other such endeavuors within the NWS&DB and show the community involved that it is possible to establish vegetation that would serve their utility needs as well as ensure the health of the watershed perpetually. The project was launched in 2003 with the support of the UNDP, Global Environmental Facility(GEF) under their Small Grants Programme(SGP). The project was implemented by Neo Synthesis Research Centre(NSRC) a Non Government Organisation with many years of experience in restoring degraded land. Due to the unavailability of funds the project could not proceed to the monitoring and analyses stages. However it gave a good opportunity to learn about the ability to improve watersheds as well as the willingness of people within the watersheds in engaging in such activities in order to improve the natural waterways.