Rethinking the construction process: focusing the construction curriculum

The main aim of this report is to encourage programme providers within the Built Environment to take a more proactive approach to the adoption of Rethinking Construction concepts within existing and future programmes. As a starting point, an Exemplar Module Specification and a Teaching Schedule have been developed. These will have to be modified to take into account the desired learning outcomes of individual programmes. The report reviews recent developments and initiatives that have encouraged the construction industry to both adopt the important cultural philosophy that customer satisfaction is inseparable from business goals and view performance in terms of safety, cost, quality and sustainability. The roles of the key organisations charged with driving the through change have been summarised. The three Appendices to the report describe: Supporting Information; EU/UK Government Education Initiatives; and Educational Networks. They also include several web sites that provide detailed information to support this report. These web sites can be used to obtain Demonstration Projects to support individual lectures or be used to identify potential funding sources to support the development of new programmes.