Revenue recovery challenges facing water and sanitation service institutions in Faisalabad, Pakistan

2018-02-12T15:08:45Z (GMT) by Gul H. Khokhar
Drinking water supply is not only a basic need and precondition for a healthy life; it is also a human right. As per estimated figure 75% Population in Pakistan have not access to safe drinking water. As one indication of the magnitude of the problem, it is estimated that 200,000 children in Pakistan die every year due to diarrhoeal diseases alone. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) approximately 25-30 % of the diseases in Pakistan are gastrointestinal, about 58.5% of the people have piped water supply to their houses and about 7.6% get their drinking water from standposts. The remaining population obtains their water supplies from hand pumps, wells, or through private water vendors.