Robust control of electrified turbocharged diesel engines

Electrified turbocharger is a critical technology for engine downsizing and is a cost-effective solution for exhaust gas energy recovery. In conventional turbocharged diesel engines, the air path holds strong nonlinearity since the actuators are all driven by the exhaust gas. In an electrified turbocharged diesel engine (ETDE), the coupling is more complex, due to the electric machine mounted on the turbine shaft impacts the exhaust manifold dynamics as well. In distributed single-input single-output control methods, the gains tuning is time consuming and the couplings are ignored. To control the performance variables independently, developing a promising multi-input multi-output control method for the ETDE is essential. In this paper, a model-based multi variable robust controller is designed to control the performance variables in a systematic way. Both simulation and experimental results verified the effectiveness of the proposed controller.