SME-micro engagement with occupational safety and health (OSH) - the role of the owner-manager.

The heterogeneous nature of Medium, Small and Micro enterprises (SMEs and Micros) means that standard definitions of what they are may be difficult to use in practice; this in turn complicates data collection. The standard definition used by the European Communities for headcount can facilitate data collection in order to classify the enterprise size as Medium, Small or Micro. In addition to the definition of size, access to participants in SME-Micros can also difficult. This paper reviews current literature investigating the role of the Owner-Manager and factors that facilitate and inhibit SME-Micros engagement with OSH, including access to and translation of OSH information. This paper presents emerging findings from a study investigating OSH engagement among SME-Micros (≤250 employees). Emerging findings reveal issues with OSH information and legislation translation; the different OSH information needs of SME-Micros and the importance of the Owner-Manager.