Sanitation technology and user perceptions

2018-02-12T15:10:43Z (GMT) by Louiza C. Duncker
Research in South Africa showed that in most cases the sanitation technology implemented in rural and peri-urban areas seemed to be adequate in providing sanitation services, but that these technologies are under strain due to their incorrect use, misuse/non-use and lack of proper maintenance, therefore placing the sustainability of these sanitation systems in question. Even if the technology was designed and built well, the use of the technology and its acceptance by the user proved to be the most critical elements - a technology is only as good as its user. Spot check assessments in South Africa concluded that water sector services and projects should not be viewed one-dimensionally, but holistically. The interaction between, and integration of, technical aspects and social dynamics are the cornerstones for the long-term operation of facilities and the sustainability of services delivery. This paper shows some results of spot check assessments and will draw the attention to the user issues and their impact on providing sustainable sanitation services in addressing the sanitation backlogs in South Africa.