Scheduling the operations of a double-load crane in slab yards

2019-06-14T08:13:36Z (GMT) by Guodong Zhao Jiyin Liu Yun Dong
This paper studies a double-load crane scheduling problem (DLCSP) in steel slab yards. A slab yard stores slabs in stacks. To prepare for use in production, some slabs need to be moved from one place to another. These movement tasks are performed by a double-load crane which can hold up to two slabs simultaneously. Given a set of tasks and possibly precedence relationship among them, the scheduling problem is to allocate the tasks to double-load operations and determine the schedule for the crane to perform the tasks so as to minimize the makespan. The problem is first formulated as a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) model with variables representing the order of tasks. Based on properties of the problem, it is then reformulated from a crane operation perspective. Computational experiments are carried out on practical data collected from a steel company. The results show that both models can solve practical sized problems optimally, with the second model being more efficient.