Secondary technology teacher education – an attempt to juggle markets, efficiencies and academic innovation in changing times

2006-05-03T15:20:36Z (GMT) by Steve Keirl
This paper reports on Technology teacher education in one Australian state with a particular focus on an innovation established for commencement in 1998 and now approaching a period of review. It describes the constraints and factors that shaped a new degree programme, only one component of which was to be Technology Education. In the university's attempt to adopt a 'one-size-fits-all' approach there were gains and losses. Description of the four-year forerunner to this programme is included and the thinking for the new Technology Education component is outlined. The new programme has been innovative, exciting and challenging but, in some key respects, has fallen short of expectations. Market issues and employer take-up have influenced significantly the current thinking about restructuring. Nevertheless, there have been real opportunities for creativity in programme design and delivery. Similarly the new synergies and partnerships that have developed provide evidence of current success and of potential for future development.