Seeded microfiltration of copper with modified activated carbon

2018-10-09T08:59:51Z (GMT) by Abdul R. bin Awang
In this study the use of seeded microfiltration (MF) with modified powdered carbon focussed on the removal of copper ions from an aqueous solution. The aim of the study was to look into the possibility of utilisation of suitable modified activated carbons combined with membrane filtration (microfiltration) as an alternative technique for the treatment and recovery of copper ions from liquid wastes, to give high removal efficiency with low energy consumption. To enhance the filtration process, the particle size of modified activated carbon used was small because it provides a larger surface area and a shorter diffusional distance for base metals to be adsorbed. Furthermore, in order to minimise the fouling effect, a surface filter (nickel membrane) which had pores, or slots, that passed directly from one side of the filter to the other with no tortuosity was used.