Semiclassical quantization of the hydrogen atom in crossed electric and magnetic fields

2019-05-21T13:25:11Z (GMT) by Thomas Bartsch Jorg Main Gunter Wunner
The S-matrix theory formulation of closed-orbit theory recently proposed by Granger and Greene is extended to atoms in crossed electric and magnetic fields. We present a semiclassical quantization of the hydrogen atom in crossed fields, which succeeds in resolving individual lines in the spectrum, but is restricted to the strongest lines of each n manifold. By means of a detailed semiclassical analysis of the quantum spectrum, we demonstrate that it is the abundance of bifurcations of closed orbits that precludes the resolution of finer details. They necessitate the inclusion of uniform semiclassical approximations into the quantization process. Uniform approximations for the generic types of closed-orbit bifurcations are derived, and a general method for including them in a high-resolution semiclassical quantization is devised.