Sequential permutation table method for optimization of stacking sequence in composite laminates

© 2016 Elsevier Ltd. This paper presents a new stacking-sequence optimization method for composite laminates using a multicriteria objective function with buckling, strength and continuity constraint subject to in-plane normal compressive loads. The objective function combines a critical buckling load factor function and a critical failure load function into a single function to maximizes in which the relative influence of a stacking sequence and number of ply orientations is reflected. The buckling-load and failure-load factors are sorted from maximum to minimum respectively in a sequential permutation table. A sequence-design strategy and a ply-orientation selection strategy are developed to identify the ply orientation of each stacking position and number of ply orientations of the stacking sequence involving continuity constraints based on the sequential permutation table. A benchmark problem is presented to illustrate the accuracy and effectiveness of the method; the detailed results are compared with various heuristic methods.