Share and share alike: a checklist for potential networkers

2012-06-25T13:47:40Z (GMT) by Darren Saywell Julie Woodfield
This paper is aimed at practioners, researchers, academics, any of us who are or are likely to become users and members of a network. Those of us in this position need to ask ourselves if we fully understand what networks are for, what they mean and where their value lies? In the rush to be part of the latest network, are we sure we know why we are joining and what the likely benefits will be for us? This paper examines what is meant by 'networking', describing some of the basic types of networks, reviews the critical steps involved in networking, and draws on lessons learned from co-ordinating networks to help potential networkers decide which networks to subscribe to. It draws pedominantly from WEDC's networking experience as network manager for the Global Applied Research Network (GARNET).