Simple and robust framework for coupled aerothermal gas turbine simulation using low-mach and compressible industrial CFD solvers

Efforts are being made to achieve a coupled virtual aero-engine simulation using existing validated solvers. A methodology to easily couple a low-Mach number pressure-based code with a compressible density-based turbomachinery code for industrial application has been developed, based on boundary conditions update. Two techniques, namely, file based and memory based have been implemented to exchange data between the solvers in steady and unsteady RANS. Validation is carried out on a laminar flow for a convecting Taylor vortex test case. This approach has been applied to steady compressor/combustor and combustor/turbine simulations and extended to a simple unsteady simulation of a 2D Von Karman vortex shedding cylinder case and to a unsteady combustor/NGV/rotor test case. Results are shown, advantages and disadvantages of the two techniques are discussed.