Single-shot areal profilometry using hyperspectral interferometry with a microlens array

2017-04-21T13:16:17Z (GMT) by Pablo Ruiz Jonathan Huntley
We describe a single-shot technique to measure areal profiles on optically smooth and stepped surfaces for applications where rapid data acquisition in non-cooperative environments is essential. It is based on hyperspectral interferometry (HSI), a technique in which the output of a white-light interferometer provides the input to a hyperspectral imaging system. Previous HSI implementations suffered from inefficient utilisation of the available pixels which limited the number of measured coordinates and/or unambiguous depth range. In the current paper a >20-fold increase in pixel utilisation is achieved through the use of a 2-D microlens array, that leads to a 35×35 channel system with an unambiguous depth range of 0.88 mm.