Smooth invariants of focus-focus singularities and obstructions to product decomposition

2018-09-10T10:02:30Z (GMT) by Alexey Bolsinov Anton Izosimov
We study focus-focus singularities (also known as nodal singularities, or pinched tori) of Lagrangian fibrations on symplectic 4-manifolds. We show that, in contrast to elliptic and hyperbolic singularities, there exist homeomorphic focus-focus singularities which are not diffeomorphic. Furthermore, we obtain an algebraic description of the moduli space of focus-focus singularities up to smooth equivalence, and show that for double pinched tori this space is one-dimensional. Finally, we apply our construction to disprove Zung’s conjecture which says that any non-degenerate singularity can be smoothly decomposed into an almost direct product of standard singularities.