Social class differences in the framing of interchanges by mothers for their infants

2018-09-25T14:30:04Z (GMT) by David Young
The organisation of this thesis is as follows. Chapter 2 contains a discussion of the literature that provides a background to the 'problem area' and a reason for the method of approach chosen. Also Chapter 2 contains a discussion of the literature on 'frame' that provides the background to the grounded 'theory of framing' developed in Chapter 4. Chapter 3 contains a discussion of the research method, the sample, and the problems of data collection by videotape in a participant observation situation. Chapter 4 contains the discussion of a 'grounded substantive theory of framing'. Chapter 5 seeks to generalize, develop and apply the theory of framing to the social class differences between the three groups of mother–child pairs to, firstly, develop a 'grounded format theory of framing' and, secondly, comment upon any social class differences found. Chapter 6 summarises the outcomes of previous Chapters, and discusses the major conclusions.