Software quality needs quality software

2013-11-13T13:49:01Z (GMT) by Mark De Chazal Ray Dawson
Quality is imperative in software. The recent emphasis on extracting more benefit from IT has only increased the requirement for quality in IT system development and maintenance. However, it is apparent that quality is lacking in software. There are plenty of indications that IT systems have an ‘internal’ quality – the code is effective and efficient; defects are minimised. This paper reviews some of the many frameworks, standards and measurements that apply in achieving this kind of software quality. The ‘external’ quality, where the system is effective and efficient, business needs are met, and business problems are resolved, is shown to be lacking. There are many examples of projects that do not meet identified business problems, or that interfere with the smooth running of the business because of the way in which the systems have been developed. There seems to be little in the way of guidance as to what quality initiatives to use and when to use them. It may be the case that cherry picking from various sources may be the best option when trying to deliver quality software.