Some aspects of solid–liquid separation technology

2020-01-09T09:36:14Z (GMT) by Anthony S. Ward
The status of solid–liquid separation technology within chemical engineering and as a subset of the wider field of particle technology is discussed in the introduction and the difficulties that beset research into design methods in this area are described. All the writer's publications relate to the subject of solid–liquid separation technology and are reviewed and presented in this submission. Solid–liquid separation technology may be subdivided into pretreatment, central treatment and post-treatment and the work is presented under each of these headings. The pretreatment area is itself divided into two sections. The first one deals with lamella separators and the second with hydrocyclones used as devices for increasing the concentration of suspensions prior to a cake filtration stage. Some unpublished work is included in the chapter on lamella separators. The central treatment operation discussed is cake filtration and the work presented refers principally to the development and use of laboratory test methods. Post-treatment operations are discussed in the context of the development of design methods for the forced gas deliquoring of filtercakes. Finally, suggestions are made about directions in which future profitable effort might take and the author's own programme of further work is outlined.