Some aspects of the chemistry of resorcinarenes

2018-09-04T10:07:17Z (GMT) by Yohan Chan
This thesis has been divided in three sections. The first chapter contains a review of resorcinarene chemistry. The second chapter contains the results and the discussion and the experimental details are provided in the third chapter. The first part of chapter two contains the results and discussion related to the synthesis of benzoxazines derived from resorcin[6]arene and resorcin[4]arene and the diastereoselectivity observed in the syntheses. The second part of chapter two describes the synthesis of inherently chiral resorcinarenes using non-chiral 3-alkyloxyphenols, the synthesis of benzoxazines derived from these inherently chiral resorcinarenes and the synthesis of a pair of diastereoisomers using the 3-alkyloxyphenol derived from (R)-mandelic acid. The synthesis of a range of alkoxyesters using dimsyllithium in high yielding reactions is also discussed. [Continues.]