Some aspects of the high speed electrodeposition of metals

2017-07-27T10:32:44Z (GMT) by David J.D. Wood
The literature concerning the fast electrodeposition of metals has been reviewed with particular attention to the electrodeposition of nickel. A study of the electrodeposition of nickel has been carried out in concentrated Ni sulphamate solutions at 50-70°C in parallel plate cells at Reynolds numbers of up to 15,000. The cell design was substantiated by a preliminary study of the electrodeposition of copper. Additional studies have been made of current distribution in both the nickel and acid copper systems using segmented electrodes. Additional studies of mass transport have been made in the nickel system, as have polarisation studies. It has been shown that in the case of acid copper the system performs under mass transport control and that the current distribution is as expected under these conditions. [continues…]