Staff development in the electronic library : lessons for the health sector from the IMPEL2 eLib project

2008-02-28T16:03:40Z (GMT) by Graham Walton Catherine Edwards
This paper proposes that the health sector has much to learn from higher education as regards information provision in the electronic age. Information Technology for Library and Information Services is less developed in the NHS than in higher education. Staff training and development is identified as a key issue in supporting the transition to electronic delivery of Library and Information Services. The Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib), developing electronic services in higher education, is outlined, with emphasis on the IMPEL2 Project and its methodology. Findings from the Staff Training and Development strand of IMPEL2 are presented. This study identified that attention should be most keenly focused on two areas, IT skills and skills to support changing roles. A number of success factors in training and development are highlighted. The paper concludes that release of resources from eLib to support staff development must be paralleled in the health sector if effective electronic services are to be developed.