Strategic development of library reference collections in Higher Education : a case study at Loughborough University Library (UK)

2008-02-05T12:28:43Z (GMT) by Sharon Reid Graham Walton Peter Lund
Within the Higher Education sector there have been significant and ongoing changes in the methods utilised by library users to acquire information. In light of this recognition, a study was undertaken by a project team at the University Library, Loughborough University, to determine the most appropriate strategy for developing its extensive collection of printed reference material. Issues of space were a major consideration. The intention was to base subsequent recommendations on evidencebased, democratically obtained data. A largely practical approach was adopted with data collected by means of a series of open meetings, a Step analysis and usage surveys. The subsequent results pointed to a requirement to base future development of the collection on a model comprising low levels of printed material with correspondingly high levels of electronic material and management intervention. The recommendations are currently being implemented at Loughborough and may be appropriate for other academic libraries.