Strategic management: consideration of paradoxes, processes, and associated concepts as applied to construction

2014-11-21T13:18:41Z (GMT) by Andrew Price E. Newson
This paper reviews recent literature on the strategic management process and considers several paradoxes viewed from a construction perspective. Many of the key issues surrounding the strategic management process have been discussed, and recommendations have been provided as to how construction organizations should respond. The main paradoxes considered were logical (rational) versus creative (generative) strategies; intended (deliberate) versus realized (emergent) strategies; revolutionary versus transformational strategies; strategic fit versus strategic stretch; and strategy versus organizational effectiveness. Each of these paradoxes was found to have considerable relevance to construction, and examples of how they have been applied to construction have been provided. For many construction organizations the key to success depends upon developing strategies that have an optimal balance within these paradoxes. This optimal balance will vary from one organization to another.