Strategic planning of UK housebuilders: case study of a major property developer

2014-12-19T11:03:39Z (GMT) by Robby Soetanto Wei Pan
Current global economic crisis has presented the UK housebuilding industry with unprecedented period of volatility and uncertainty. In light of this, the development of strategic plans is becoming more critical for ensuring future competitiveness. Evidence from early literature suggests that firms in the development sector have not put sufficient emphasis on this management function. Further, there is little information on the manner by which housebuilders formulate their strategic plans, let how the actors participate in the process of strategising. The research intends to contribute to this important but little understood area by presenting case study of a leading UK housebuilder, and a proposed activity framework, with a view to obtain a greater understanding of the strategic process within the organisation. Contrary to the popular belief, the finding provides evidence that longer-term thinking underpinned by sound and defendable business principles which are mobilised within organisation, does contribute to successful business in volatile and competitive environment of construction sector. Further, their longer-term thinking might have been responsible for their survival in the current difficult economic time. However, there is little evidence of any attempt to further utilise potential knowledge and creativity of staff. Further research should look at possible barriers to staff participation as professed by the activity framework.