Strings in charge-transfer Mott insulators: effects of lattice vibrations and the Coulomb interaction

2006-04-05T15:49:34Z (GMT) by A.S. Alexandrov V.V. Kabanov
Applying the canonical transformation with the 1/\lambda perturbation expansion in the nonadiabatic and intermediate regime and the discrete generalisation of Pekar's continuous nonlinear equation in the extreme adiabatic regime we show that there are no strings in narrow-band ionic insulators due to the Frohlich electron-phonon interaction alone. The multi-polaron system is a homogeneous state in a wide range of physically interesting parameters, no matter how strong correlations are. At the same time the Frohlich interaction allows the antiferromagnetic interactions and/or a short-range electron-phonon interactions to form short strings in doped antiferromagnetic insulators if the static dielectric constant is large enough.