Structural-acoustic properties of flexible rectangular boxes

2016-07-15T13:55:51Z (GMT) by Vasil B. Georgiev Victor V. Krylov
Rectangular box-like structures are used widely in a large number of engineering applications, e.g. as elements of railway carriages, heavy goods vehicles, buildings, civil engineering constructions, etc. Although flexible rectangular boxes represent one of the geometrically simple types of engineering structures, their structural-acoustic properties cannot be described by closed-form analytical solutions. In the present study, a comprehensive numerical investigation of typical all-flexible rectangular box structures has been carried out to elucidate the physics of structural-acoustic interaction in them and to explore the possibilities of reduction of the associated structure-borne interior noise. Finite element method has been used to compute the resonant frequencies, the mode shapes and the structural-acoustic frequency response functions of different rectangular box models. The obtained results could assist in better understanding of structural-acoustic properties of flexible rectangular boxes as well as of numerous more complex structures using rectangular boxes as their building elements.